• True Thankfulness Requires Action

    True Thankfulness Requires Action

    Here we are again, the time of year when we gather around a table and give thanks. Inevitably, one of the most frequently mentioned things we are grateful for is our health. But, are we really thankful for the ability to move? To truly live? True gratitude, true thanksgiving, requires more of us than a verbal thank you once a year. True thankfulness requires action.

    As a gym owner, I have the humbling privilege to see people become truly grateful for their health. I’ve seen the confidence that grows inside a woman as she chips away at her weight goal. I’ve seen the happiness in a man’s eyes who can play hockey with guys half his age and still compete. I’ve seen the pride in a man coming back from injury and cleaning well over his bodyweight. I’ve seen the fire in a man ignite as he fights to push his body to new limits. I’ve seen PRs and failures even more frequently. But, this whole time, I’ve really been seeing two things: gratitude and action.

    There are a small group of people who recognize that health is a gift, and this gift is best enjoyed by using it; not shelfing it. I would challenge you today, while you are in the mindset of thankfulness, to consider how you are really appreciating the things you’re thankful for, especially your health. You never know when the things we are grateful for will be gone.

    Happy Thanksgiving and God bless.

    Be Strong, Be Grateful


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