• That Funny Looking Thing Ain’t a Coat Rack!

    GHDWhat do you see when you look at this picture? I was lifting this morning and saw this, and my first thought was “someone left their jacket”. A couple of seconds passed and I laughed when I realized that this glorious piece of equipment is used most often for a coat rack. If you don’t know how to use it, ask one of us. This, the GHD, short for Glute Ham Developer, is a great tool for, you guessed it, glutes and hamstrings. The two exercises that you will see most often on the GHD, back extensions and sit ups, are not even the ones that the GHD was designed for. While performing sit-ups and back extensions on a GHD is a great way to develop core, back and hip-flexor strength, the name of the machine reveals its true purpose. I myself am guilty of only using it for situps and back extensions. If you are not already using the GHD, consider using it for sit ups at a minimum. Personally I like to do weighted situps with a dumbbell. While using the GHD is a simple thing, you can injure yourself if you do it wrong. Please ask for help if you want to learn how to use it but are unsure the proper way. I’m including a video on how to do the Glute Ham Raise. As a short term goal for myself, I am going to try and utilize the Glute Ham Raise exercise more. I know we all have our personal goals, New Year’s Resolutions and such, but sometimes, you just need to shake it up. Find new ways of doing things and challenging yourself. I challenge you all to try the GHD. Use it for one exercise, or try all three. It does a body good!

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