• One Goal at a Time!

    One Goal at a Time!

    Happy Monday fellow Huntley Barbellers! I hope that everyone’s year started out on a good foot. We have one week under our belts for 2016. Did you meet your goals last week, or did you fall a little shy? Either way, assess what you did right, and what you can improve upon and set yourself a new “mini” goal for this week. Set goals that are attainable and measurable. Didn’t get into the gym enough last week?… This week your goal could be for one more day of exercise. Setting goals and making yourself accountable is the way to reach those goals. Speaking of goals, one that I had for some time was to take the USAW Sports Performance Coach certification. I took the course over this past weekend and am happy to add USAW to my credentials. What does that mean for you guys? It means that I have an even better handle on coaching weightlifting movements. Olympic lifts such as the Snatch (my personal favorite) and the Clean and Jerk. This course solidified what I already knew and practiced and gave me an even stronger basis for coaching these movements, as well as incorporating them into a sports performance program. I am anxious to start an OLY (short for Olympic) class at Huntley Barbell. We would work on these movements and others, for fun and to build strength. Please let me know if you are interested in this class. I look forward to helping you all reach your goals for 2016!


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