• Meet Val

    Meet our Member of the Month for September, Val! Val is the most kind woman meet and there is not an ounce of quit in her body. When she first joined, Val had a tough time doing body weight squats. Now, you’ll see her rocking heavy goblet squats with ease. Having been injured earlier this summer, it would have been easy for Val to put her training on hold. Instead, she came in and worked twice as hard as ever to keep pursuing her goals. That red shirt looks great, Val. You earned it!

    1. When did you join Huntley Barbell?
    – I joined in February 2016

    2. Tell us a little about yourself.
    – Val was too shy so we will tell you about her. She’s a mom, teacher, and amazing cook ? You could not find a sweeter person around. The boys in the picture above are her football kids, and the tall one in white is her son Joe. Her boy is her world and it shows. We are super happy to have Val as part of the HB family. And did we mention she’s a great cook!?! ?
    3. What do you love about Huntley Barbell? 
    – I love how much the coaches care about each member, pushing everyone to do their best and making us feel successful each workout. You are leaders, mentors, and friends to all of us. ?

    4. What’s your favorite exercise? 
    – I love everything but wall balls and running ?

    Val’s son Joe rocking a HB shirt. He’s the QB for the Huntley Mustangs!

    5. What would you tell someone who is considering joining Huntley Barbell? 

    – I tried Huntley Barbell 6 months ago and I fell in love with the program. I am still in love with it today!

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