• Meet Rodney (aka RTB)

    Meet our Member of the Month for July, Rodney! This guy works out like it’s his job; because it kind of is! Rodney is a firefighter in a city not too far from Huntley and uses Huntley Barbell to maintain a level of fitness that can help save lives. We love seeing him in here getting work done and passing on his knowledge to his boys!RTB 1

    1. When did you join Huntley Barbell?
      – I joined Huntley Barbell in August 2015
    2.  Tell us a little about yourself.
      – I’m a Firefighter/paramedic for the Bartlett FD since 2007 .. and a father of 3 boys (13yo, 10yo, and 7 yo). I do love working out and am quite passionate about fitness and wellness. As you can imagine, all the above takes up most of my time .. But if I get a chance to, I like to unwind with a round or two of frisbee golf.
    3. What do you love about Huntley Barbell?
      – As a functional fitness fanatic and a busy father of 3 .. This gym fits my needs perfectly. I get to come in and workout when ever my schedule allows (given my job as well as having an active family .. My schedule is kinda irregular). Also the gym has everything I need for any workout I have planned i.e. Bumper plates, gymnastics rings, Rogue pull/squat rig, rope climb, kettlebells, Concept 2 rowers and the list goes on. And not to forget ALL the great members and trainers I get to bump into and chat with on a regular basis .. Super cool people here!
    4. What’s your favorite exercise?
      – Gosh .. That’s like asking me which one of my kids is my favorite! Honestly.. A heavy, full squat snatch is probably my favorite movement. There’s nothing quite like catching heavy weight in a deep overhead squat that is perfectly balanced .. Love it!
    5. What would you tell someone who is considering joining Huntley Barbell?
      – Please refer to my answer back on question 3 and proceed to coming in and signing up. Seriously though, great people, great facility (and the price is right!) .. What’d ya waitin’ for?! – What is your next fitness goal? Well .. just staying fit for duty and being injury free is really my end game (a lot easier said than done at age 41). Finding the right balance between pursuing  PR goals and staying injury free is a tricky thing these days and lately I find myself not getting too wrapped up in the numbers and just stepping back and looking at the big picture. That being said .. A 185# snatch by years end would be pretty sweet (among other things as well).RTB 2

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