• Meet Jen

    Jen is a mom and badass who has been a staple of the 5 am class. She likes lifting heavy things and always brings great energy to the gym.
    When did you join Huntley Barbell?
    I want to say somewhere between August 2015 and September 2015. Do I get a one year anniversary t-shirt?!?
    – Tell us a little about yourself.
    Besides the basic adult life stuff. When I’m not work, hustling and killing it, I like spending time with my boys, dancing and being the voice of pitbulls! Oh…and long walks on the beach!
    – What do you love about Huntley Barbell?
    I love the motivation as soon as you walk into the door. I come from a background of bodybuilding and their usual motto is shut up and train. So it’s nice to hear everyone encouraging each other! Everyone becomes like your little fit family!
    – What’s your favorite exercise?
    Squats and Deadlifts
    – What would you tell someone who is considering joining Huntley Barbell?
    Just do it! Don’t be intimidated!
    – What is your next fitness goal?
    Lose body fat! Thick Thighs Save Lives!
    Thanks Jen

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