• Meet Jeff

    Meet our Member of the Month for February, Jeff L. This guy positive attitude and great smile (especially for a hockey player) really lights up the space. You will never see Jeff skip a rep, no matter how much it may suck! It has been awesome helping Jeff get stronger and better conditioned so he can keep playing hockey. Congrats, Jeff! You earned it.

    Jeff with former Members of the Month

    1. When did you join Huntley Barbell?
      I have been coming to Huntley Barbell for almost 2 years. (Mrs. Huntley Barbell sweet talked Jeff into coming in one day and he never left).
    2. Tell us a little about yourself.

      Jeff loves those kettle bells!

      My name is Jeff and I am a machinist in Huntley. I love Harley’s and hockey. I play in a competitive rec league in the area which is a big reason I train at HB. I am able to keep up with guys half my age. When I am not working, riding, or playing hockey, I enjoy spending time with my girlfriend Lanie.

    3. What do you love about Huntley Barbell?
      I like that the coaches keep it interesting and I’ve met a lot of good people that help keep it fun and competitive.
    4. What are your favorite movements?
      My favorite exercise is probably the dead lift and the kettlebells (a man after my own heart!) My least favorite is anything to do with running (don’t tell Jeff, but we will be running more once the weather improves.)
    5. What would you tell someone who is considering joining Huntley Barbell?
      To anyone thinking about joining, I would tell them that the coaches like to make it a good mix of exercises and will only push you to your own abilities. Also, the interaction with the other members helps make for a very enjoyable experience

    6. What’s your “why”?
      I come to Huntley barbell to keep myself in shape , it’s enabled me to continue playing hockey and has drastically increased my strength.

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