• February Challenge

    Yay burpees!

    We figured our first official monthly challenge at Huntley Barbell should focus on one of our favorite movements: the burpee.

    Burpees are great because the only equipment you need is your body. The burpee appears to be a relatively simple exercise in which a person squats and places their hands on the ground, kicks out their legs and assumes a plank position, does one push-up, returns their feet to the squat position, and finally jumps up from the squat position. Like I said, the burpee appears to be simple. Yet, ask someone to string 10 of these full body exercises together and watch how difficult they become.

    While doing a set of 10 burpees can be challenging, we wanted to push people a little bit and are asking you to perform…1,218 burpees this month. That’s right; one thousand two hundred and eighteen is not a typo. Here’s how to break it down into something manageable.

    Take the number of the day of the month, multiply it by 3 and do that many burpees. Simple right? So on February 1, do 3 burpees. On the second, do 6. And so on and so forth until you complete this challenge on February 28 with 84 burpees (we suggest you time that workout).

    Have fun doing all those burpees this month, and remember what Jerry Rice said, “Today I will do what others won’t, so tomorrow I can accomplish what others can’t.”

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