• A New Chapter

    While we are officially over a week into 2017, I was fortunate enough to start a new chapter in my life over this last weekend. I have had a few of these monumental moments in my short time here: joining the Navy, becoming a father, graduating college. This change involved my career. I left my corporate job last week. I was not there long, just over one year, but it was still a difficult choice for my wife and I to make. Where were we going to get insurance from? How could we live on a smaller income? What if…? All the anxiety has been quelled for two main reasons.

    First, I am fortunate enough to have an incredible support system, starting with my wife. I know that no matter how hard anything gets, I have people that love and care for me and everything will work out as long as I work hard.

    Second, we have a plan. This year I decided to focus my attention on three main areas of my life: Family (relationships), Impact, Training. FIT – maybe a little cheesy, however it is easy for me to remember (we should all strive to be more FIT right?!).

    Here is a quick look at how I want to be more FIT this year:

    Family – I need to be more empathic and have a higher EQ. This is incredibly difficult for me personally. I won’t get into too many of the details, but I can be a little rough around the edges at times. Each personality has its pros/cons, and this happens to be an area I can improve on this year.

    Impact – When Stevie and I started HB, we set out with a purpose: to build a stronger community. What exactly does “strength” mean here? Well, we wanted it to be nebulous for a reason. Being in the health and fitness arena, we obviously want to improve our community’s health through strength training. However, we don’t want to sell ourselves short. We want to give back in as many ways as possible, such as raising money for local needs via our Strength to UpLift program. Our specific metric for this goal in 2017 is to grow our class membership to over 100 members. The impact that we have seen with a smaller HB community has been awesome already, so reaching that level would allow us to impact our community even more.

    Training – Kettlebells. If you have ever taken a class at HB, or listened to me talk for more than 5 minutes, you have heard about the benefits of kettle bell training. I won’t get into all greatness that training with a kettlebell offers in this article (you could try a free General Fitness or Boot Camp class if you wanted to experience the benefits first hand), but I am looking to enhance my abilities with the cannonball looking tool. The best way to do this is learn from the master himself. Pavel Tsatsouline is often credited with introducing the kettle bell to the West. He founded StrongFirst and the company sets the standard for kettlebell certifications. I signed up for the certification course in April, and have been focusing all my training on achieving this goal.

    Now, I am changing the world by focusing my energy on getting more FIT in 2017? Perhaps not. But something that has been very present in my mind recently: In order to change the world I must first change myself. Change is a daily process, one action at a time. Just like becoming stronger does not happen over night, change can be a slow process. But a daily commitment strung out over months and years can be truly remarkable.

    I am looking forward to being more FIT with you all this year and am curious to hear what your plan to become a better version of yourself is.

    Much love and be strong,


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